Thursday, 30 June 2011


Just in time for the last day of Me-Made-June I finished my Sorbetto Top, yay.

This is a pretty easy design, although obviously I found a way of messing it totally up the first time I tried it. This is already the second version. I used a fine embroidered cotton voile. I think this is the first fabric I ever bought (about 3 years ago, even before I bought my sewing machine). It was a bit tricky to sew because of the thick and thin (no embroidery versus embroidered parts).
I found 1” biais tape to be too narrow, the neckline binding was a real pain. So I cut it a bit wider for the armholes.
This blouse is really short, I cut a size 6 in width and a size 18 in length, which lengthened it by about 5 cm, and it’s still pretty short on me.
There could be a little more room under the arms to my taste. And the bust darts are too high. Those are my first ever bust darts but I am assuming they should end at the tip of the bust, no?
If I make this again, I might just add a bit to the top of the shoulders. That would make more room under the arms and lower the bust darts at the same time (tell me if you think I am all wrong).

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